Mel Gibson

Gibson was born on 3 January 1956 at 16:45 in Peekskill NY (Rodden Rating: B; Collector: Rodden) Mel-gibson-20070629-276636with hard working Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Scorpio. He first came to our attention in 1981 in Gallipoli, a movie which secured his reputation as a serious actor as Jupiter was conjunct his natal Neptune. In the run up to transit Jupiter opposite natal Neptune, he had begun starring in the Lethal Weapon series. Following a series of semis squares between the same planets, he directed, produced and starred in Braveheart in 1995. Just after Saturn’s conjunction to natal Jupiter, he again directed, produced and starred in a movie: this time it was The Passion of Christ in 2004. Controversy surrounding the movie included anti-Semitism which had clearly upset him.

Almost to the exact day, as transit Saturn opposed his natal Venus, Gibson was arrested for DUI which coincided with an anti-Semite rant that tarnished his career. He apologised for his ‘despicable behaviour’ on national television and entered an alcohol recovery programme.

Interestingly, Gibson has publically stated that he began drinking alcohol at the age of 13, a crucial age astrologically as it is just after the first Jupiter return but before the first Saturn opposition. The graphic ephemeris shows he had a series of three Jupiter conjunctions at this time, followed by a single Saturn opposition at about the age of 16½. Habits formed during the adolescent years are notoriously difficult to break because the brain is undergoing rapid development. For further information on this, go to my article, here.

Saturn has been hard on Gibson but he still has two Saturn conjunctions to go as the planet of hard work reverses and ploughs back over its natal position. Between these two conjunctions, Jupiter will be conjunct the natal ruler of his Saturn, Pluto followed by another Jupiter return. The second Saturn return and fifth Jupiter return indicates a person has achieved wisdom. For 2015, Gibson will have to tap into all he has learned in order to re-create himself as a fine upstanding citizen and consummate actor or he will have to stay off the stage altogether.

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