Jade Goody

The late Jade Goody was born on 5 June 1981 with a Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Libra, both planets ruled by Venus in Cancer. She died of ovarian cancer and her last requests on earth were to ensure her children would be cared for (she even married a few weeks before her death). Although not a musician, she is member of the Club of 27 and achieved her first taste of success as Uranus squared its natal position in 2002 and died when it reached its trine in 2009.
Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions occur about every 20 years, transiting into a different element about every 200 years. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra (during which Jade was born) was the first one to occur in an air sign since the 15th century. The conjunction moved back into the element of earth in the year 2000 but will stay in the element of air from 2020. The next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will be in the sign of Aquarius (in 2020).
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