2017: The Year Ahead


Overall flavour of 2017

You may feel the urge to keep pushing your luck but you must keep on your guard. Think clearly and move steadfastly. If addictions (of any kind) are of any concern, this is a good year to confront your bad habits. Alternatively, you may find yourself cast in the role of the rescuer and supporter to someone who is in need.


Overall flavour of 2017

Keeping calm and cool in the workplace is just one way of impressing the boss. Being a friend to all and a good team worker is yet another. Keep on top of all the new updates for the expensive software and you might even get a promotion.


Overall flavour of 2017

This is a year of questioning what you have given to other people: has it been joy, sorrow, worry or peace? It will be a time of questioning who you are and of discovering where you stand with other people. The retrograde cycles of Mercury often give us second chances to get things right so check the special dates for further general advice.


Overall flavour of 2017

It is often far too easy for you to become caught up in the dramas of other people. This year aim to keep a sense of objectivity and avoid emotional entanglements. Issues around technology will need your attention so get advice as soon as you can and keep up to date with the latest developments. If you’re not sure, then ask some trusted friends for their ideas.


Overall flavour of 2017

How you serve other people may not be something you like to consider but this has been the prevailing message these past few years. So what have you learned? Hopefully your ego has learned that, as Hercules discovered as he battle the deadly Hydra, that we rise by kneeling, we conquer by surrendering and we gain by giving up. Sometimes stepping back and being humble is the only way to get ahead.


Overall flavour of 2017

When was the last time you had fun? Serious fun? If it has been awhile then you certainly deserve a break and you should schedule some down time to refresh yourself sooner rather than later. It is particularly important to re-connect with family and resolve past issues: it will be far more enjoyable than you expect.


Overall flavour of 2017

This year you have the ability to look at relationships (of all sorts) from an objective perspective. The eclipse on 21st August will be particularly important for you as deep underlying issues come to the surface to be dealt with—and that is far better than pretending they don’t exist.


Overall flavour of 2017

2017 could feel like the year that nothing got done or the year that everything got sorted inside and out. The trick to handling this slippery year is to communicate as clearly as possible so there is no chance for misunderstandings. This is particularly important when handling small details: do things step by step and leave time for the do-overs. To proceed with reckless abandonment could be a temptation and not a bad idea in creative endeavours. But for the serious stuff, exercise caution.


Overall flavour of 2017

What you do for fun and who you do it with are things to consider this coming year. There is the potential to befriend people you never thought you’d be interested in as well as letting go of relationships you thought would last forever. In the process of course, you will learn a lot about yourself and what you think friendship really means.


Overall flavour of 2017

For some Capricorns, the past couple of years may have felt like being trapped in a long tunnel with little light: the end being just visible but yet so far away. As you trudge through the last few months of this feeling, stop and consider the lessons you have learned. What will you do when you get out? What are the things you miss the most and importantly, how will you ensure you can make the most of this situation. Is it really as bad as you think it is? And also bear in mind that very often we create our own prisons not only to keep ourselves contained but to stop other people from reaching us. Perspective is an important thing.


Overall flavour of 2017

This is a year for thinking outside of the box and in the process, of dumbfounding everyone around year. Things could go one of two ways: either people will admire your genius or despair of your weirdness. Either way, you will e teaching people new ways of looking at things and inspiring others to do the same. You should find that old friends are the best of friends because they will support you no matter how eccentric you are.


Overall flavour of 2017

This is a year to put all your energy into being. . .you. Disguising your true feelings behind a veil of intrigue is likely to waste a lot of energy on misunderstandings and confusion. Be bold and upfront where possible no matter what anyone says and be ready to confront those who are only too happy to push you to the sidelines. You’ll surprise everyone with how forthright you can be.

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