12108026_10208434297159257_2716976536968584387_nWelcome to my website!

As you can see, I am an astrologer. You can read more about me in my biography. I’m also an educator who uses astrology to make me a better teacher so I can get the best out of my students. You can read about how I do this here. Or you can buy my book “Growing Pains” which is available in kindle format or paperback (and if you’d like a signed copy, you can contact me to arrange this).

If you’re a teacher, I can help you to set up your class lists to make your difficult (and under appreciated) job more manageable and enjoyable. I can also give you lots of tips on how to engage your pupils better and help them find what interests them.

If you’re a parent, I can offer advice on how to make the most of your most important investment: your child. I do this by working with you and your child together.

I also offer one-to-one consultations to help you find direction, give you some encouragement and even re-direct you to a more fulfilling life path. I do this using astrology, Tarot and palmistry. I also offer frequent courses and workshops on these subjects. There are various recordings on sale on this site too.

I lecture all over the world but the majority of my work is done by Skype. You can contact me at AstroAlex1984 or you can email me alex.trenoweth@gmail.

If you’d like to find out more about what I’m doing, when my webinars are happening and when new articles are posted, why not subscribe to my free newsletter? Or you can visit my blog, Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. I’ve been know to drop a few funny astrology memes:

A Sceptic's face when an astrologer explains precession better than the]y can

I know it’s hard to get a feel for a person from a written script so here are a couple interviews so you can see me in action.

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